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Thinking about traveling post-Covid? This pandemic has posed many new questions and concerns for things we have never really even considered before. Who’s ever bought a flight and wondered if they were going to have to quarantine when they get there? This far-off concern is our new reality, and it has not made traveling any easier. People might have more restraints about traveling, but they are still willing to get out there and explore with extra caution – and people are looking for current information and helpful advice from travel agencies now more than ever before.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

2021 and the future of travel overall are most likely going to look very different and require unusual protocols. The Covid vaccination will play a role in this and may become a requirement in the imminent future. There is even talk of digitizing health certificates and passports so that a simple scan could identify whether you are up to date and safe to fly.

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There is an evolution in the way that people are traveling now as well, including…

  • The idea that younger generations are more interested in international travel post-Covid while older people are more inclined to stay home and be with loved ones.
  • Remote work has also changed the way people travel. Staying home while working provides individuals with more time and accessibility to travel and therefore take a longer vacation. Forget asking for time off, work while traveling has become a new societal norm.
  • Staycations have become increasingly popular as well – it’s easier to simply stay in your area because you know your own local restrictions, turns out being a tourist in your own hometown is more exciting than once assumed. This type of trip may also provide more security as far as cancellations and travel issues go.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.”

John muir

Some more general travel trends that one might encounter after all of this Covid craziness include some of the following.

Traveling Post-Covid Trends

  1. On-site testing
  2. Zero Contact technology including virtual help and assistance
  3. Apps and outlets that will allow you to stay updated on restrictions in different areas
  4. The ability to travel and work or be in school simultaneously
  5. People planning and booking trips themselves
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Travel agencies that provide their consumers with the most security, up-to-date information, and safety precautions will most likely be the places that are most successful in the coming future. People will want to be cautious, and they will look to you for how to do that in the areas they are most interested in. This pandemic has opened people’s eyes to the importance of taking extensive health measures and will likely leave a lasting imprint on the world as we know it.

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