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The smartphone is your digital lifeline regardless if your travelling or not. Plain + simple.

And that won’t change anytime soon.

While travelling I have found the following Apps actually enhance my experience and often expand on my curiousity.

XE – Currency Exchange

This is my most trusted app to quickly and reliaby convert costs + prices into USD. It’s also handy to see how much the money exhange guy is ripping you off for.

HOPPER – For Saving Money On Flights

Now more than ever people are trying to get out there and take an adventure. Hopper allows you to check travel prices through a range of dates and informs you of when is going to be the best time to travel that route.

GOOGLE MAPS – For Never Getting Lost

Some would say they would literally be lost without this, and it’s become an integral part to many traveller’s journeys. From hikes to road trips and even at home Google Maps doesn’t just allow you to research a destination, but it allows you to save all the places you want to visit, and get directions on how to walk or ride from A to B.


Avoid any check-in problems by planning ahead and using the airline’s mobile app to make sure things go smoothly and don’t have to wait at the airport.

CYBERGHOST VPN – Browsing + Internet Access

Not every traveller needs a VPN, but with how much private data is stored on our phones, and while travelling it is a guarantee that you will be utilizing Wifi in a myriad of locations. Paying for and using a VPN ensures that your communications, privacy and data is protected.

Best part – access Netflix in whatever country you want.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE – Stop Talking With Your Hands

Although we fantasize that our four years of high school French qualifies us as a native speaker, the truth is you are not making any sense. That’s where Google Translate comes in.